A Clarion Call To Protect Your Personal Sovereignty

Take Back Your Power, Now! is establishing a national advocacy group and legal defense fund around the protection of personal sovereignty where it concerns physical assaults against one’s person and property.

The core mission of this new organization is to remind every US citizen (and global resident) that no one – no government, no corporation, no entity of any kind -ever has the right to violate your personal sovereignty or trespass your property as perpetrated by the following programs.

Vaccination/immunization regimes, mercury amalgam teeth fillings, municipal water fluoridation, sky chemtrailing, mosquito control street-spraying, TSA scanners, oil spills, biomass incinerators, toxic pharmaceutical medications, blown fiberglass insulation into homes and so on, are just some examples of crimes against the people that have one thing in common – they represent instances where:

“government (or the corporations they regulate) has unlawfully arrogated power unto itself in such a way that it illegally assaults and injures, poisons and sickens, incapacitates and disables, and in many instances kills the citizenry it has sworn to protect and safeguard.”
– Coalition Against Chemical Trespass

This state-directed criminal action and state-sponsored collusion with corporate institutions does represent, irrefutably, a profound and fundamental violation of human rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights.  And therefore it has had, and will continue to have, far-reaching ramifications for the body politic, all to its detriment.

This well-established pattern of criminal governmental and corporate behavior over many decades also represents a profound and fundamental violation of law – the US Criminal and Civil law codes, common law, international law, natural law, scriptural law.  Show us a body of law, and we will show you how it has been violated by government and corporations alike.  And, they do so with apparent impunity.
Until now!

From a legal point of view, these VIOLATIONS OF PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY listed above clearly illustrate examples of conduct that could be described variously, depending on the specific circumstances, as criminal negligence, reckless endangerment, willful malfeasance, chemical trespass, chemical assault, manslaughter, murder, and even torture*.
How, and why, does the government get away with systematically perpetrating criminal acts against its citizens?  Only because we let them.  And, because of corporate legislative creep which has purchased unlawful legislation for decades, thereby creating an essentially fascist state which no longer recognizes personal sovereignty.

Now, consider for a moment the following scenario:

We all possess a fundamental right to not be chemically assaulted by anyone, or any entity under the sun. Likewise, we all enjoy the inviolable right not to have our home and property chemically trespassed by anyone, or any entity under the sun.

Your neighbor comes over to your yard and sprays his insecticides all over your grass, shrubs and organic garden.  The aerosolized killing agent containing synthetic pyrethroids, fluoride and a whole host of other highly toxic inert ingredients wends their way onto your automobile, into your home via open windows, air conditioning unit, etc.  Meanwhile your child has MCS and has a Universal Reactor profile, as well as life-threatening allergies to some of these dispensed chemicals. What do you do?

You have the neighbor arrested immediately for chemical trespass and assault.
If he does it a second time, you exercise a restraining order and compel the judge to set a very high bail.
A third time and you realize the neighbor needs to be committed to an institution for the criminally insane.

Now ask yourself: How in the world does the local County Mosquito Control Program get away with the very same criminal conduct year after year (in the absence of any declared health threat due to mosquito-borne illness) for decades after repeatedly being requested not to fog your property with toxic chemicals masquerading as mosquitocides which don’t even work?! 


Is there any business, organization or governmental entity that possesses the inherent power to conduct itself in this same manner?  We don’t think so, lest they also be guilty of chemical assault or trespass.  Furthermore, we would challenge anyone in any county, state or federal government to cite a single instance where anyone, or any entity, possesses the legitimate (does not transgress inviolable rights), statutory power to engage in such intrusive, outrightly harmful and obviously criminal behavior.  Simply put, street-fogging mosquito control programs, like all of the aforementioned government sponsored procedures/programs constitute crimes against We The People.  And …

It must be stopped “by any means necessary” within the law and moral code!

*The ongoing implementation of numerous government/corporate programs in every jurisdiction in the USA have proven to be harmful to human life, and therefore those who approve and administer them need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  In this way, the simple and proper enforcement of legitimate legislation and legal policy would eliminate this dire and ever-increasing threat to the welfare of people everywhere.



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24 Responses to A Clarion Call To Protect Your Personal Sovereignty

  1. Frank Sweet, MBA, MD says:

    You are doomed to fail because we are way beyond, ” within the confines of the law and moral code” They don’t have one so you lose every time. It is, for example, like trying to reason with a psychopath. You can’t.

    Can you imagine, like I have for over twelve years now, sending a letter(s) to the government say, ” please don’t chemtrail me, my children, grandchildren, pets and my organic garden ?”

  2. Publius says:

    It must be stopped “by any means necessary” within the law and moral code!
    Men are amoral. The law is not just, it is just the law. For me, the issue is simple: no populace wishes to truly govern itself. It prefers to work, to play, to buy, and every now and then vote for someone else to do the job of self governance that they do not wish to undertake. I suppose it is feasible that we could both work and govern ourselves, but it strikes me as implausible. Even in the War of the American Rebellion only a fraction of the population wanted to be seperated from England. And the leadership for the Revolution came from Masonic lodges. An ignorant populace expects to exercise freedom-what never was and never will be to quote Jefferson.

    • Digital Gravy says:

      Publius…. I have news for you. There are many of us who live in far northern Michigan wilds. We moved here to leave behind cities, dense populations and government. I personally manage my own sewer and water systems, electricity, wireless two way satellite internet / communications.
      Many of us stock pile or grow our own foods, and we have no need for police as most of us are armed to the teeth. We all keep to our own business because of a shoot first ask questions later policy.
      If we see someone on the side of the road up here we stop to ask if they need help. Otherwise we are sufficient in over 95% of what others need help with.
      I personally will not tolerate government intrusions, spooks, any harassment and regardless of what Washington says or passes that might violate our Constitutional rights, mine are all intact and they are going to stay that way as I’m prepared to fight and if need die, taking as many of the SOB, (who are dumb enough to try something) with me as I can.
      So having said all this, what say you?

  3. Ken Wallace says:

    This little document at this link below, should be reviewed and reviled by evey person who can read. We are finally becoming aware of these and many more diabolical realities. It is definitely time clean house, as they say


  4. Rex says:

    Oh my God. You’re the first person in some time who’s even acknowledged MCS (which I have of a moderate degree) on Jeff Rense. I’ve been wondering if he would ever mention MCS. I’ve even tried writing both Jeff Rense and Alex Jones (who did talk about TILT and the Gulf of Mexico-which is the same as MCS) on the topic twice and neither AJ or JR has responded to me.

    I tried writing a few environmental groups too and I never got any acknoweledgement there either. It seems that even David Suzuki was more interested in animals in the north polar regions or NW (whose fat was tested for chemicals) but when it came to people being poisoned, that didn’t seem to bother them.

    Well, thank you for mentioning MCS. Having MCS, I learned the hard way about the MSM (Mainstream Media), the General Medical Community, people like Stephen Barrett, Ronald Gotts, Elizabeth Whelan, Michael Fumento, etc.

    I tried getting political recognition to no avail and I certainly tried to write the papers to warn any people from 9-11 who got exposed to all the debris that they too could fall very ill (and many did) and now, the Gulf of Mexico (BP oil and Corexit dispersant).

    Of course (no I didn’t build a website-but I did do my best to alert others and write the politicians-to no avail) about Chem Trails, GMO seeds, DU (Depleted Uranium from our perpetual wars) and thanks also to the various environmental groups which NEVER acknowledged MCS or Chem Trails, that’s how I know they’re so phony.

    And as such, I can sound the alert on AGENDA 21

  5. Rex says:

    cont on AGENDA 21. … AGENDA 21 (the U.N. aka upcoming Global Government) and the CLUB of ROME (Rockefellers) are behind all this: “Sustainability,” Global Warming-Climate Change, Going Green, Earth Month-Day, etc.

    MICHAEL SHAW has articles on AGENDA 21 found on the website of NEWS WITH VIEWS and elsewhere.

    AGENDA 21-CLUB of ROME are nothing but more than another money-stealing device to fleece us further (to fund the upcoming GLOBAL GOVERNMENT) and heavily micromanage-control our lives.

    In the meantime, of course, they’ll still fly and drive all over the place (think of Schwarzenegger for starters with his global warming agenda-but he was flying back and forth to his house all the time.. It’s just us peasants that will be greatly travel-restricted and of course, most of our money will be given to people who are already filthy rich, but that’s the idea. The elites will have everything and the slaves will have nothing.

  6. Rex says:

    I also notice that even though there is a lot of talk about overpopulation as well from the “environmentalists-Carbon-Footprint people”, these people don’t seem to notice that the USA and Europe are being flooded with immigrants (both Legal and ILLEGAL) and nothing’s been done to curb the birth rates of these immigrants.

    In fact, our politicians also continue to refuse to revise the 14th Amendment to stop the “Automatic Citizenship” of those born to ILLEGAL ALIENS and reward these people with: FREE births, WIC, food stamps, housing, Legal-Language Services, FREE school (including FREE breakfasts-lunches) and in some cases, the DREAM ACT.

    I remember back in the mid 60s-70s, in school, we were harangued constantly about the topic of how dire the overpopulation rate was and there must be (0 Growth Rate-PAUL ERLICH) and we even had Propaganda movies like: Logan’s Run and Soylent Green and Stark Trek also had an episode on that.

    Gee, I wish they had directed this at the immigrants and their high birth rates as well as the Illegal Aliens from Mexico and Mexican-American sympathizers of Illegal aliens who wanted to outbreed us to colonize their AZTLAN-RECONQUISTA-the plan to retake the former Mexican territories ranging from the state of CA to CO-TX.

    But these completely FAKE ENVIRONMENTALISTS have a turned a blind eye to this as well as the other issues I mentioned and I’d really like to know how any “carbon footprint” is going to be reduced in this nation, the reason being: Even if the people already here cut back as much as possible, that will be completely negated by anyone else coming in, (especially at the rate they’re coming in) and with their high birth rates.

    • kate joy says:

      I had the same experience as you regarding the propaganda surrounding the birth rate in the UK during the 70’s. Dire warnings were given about our island being overpopulated unless we curb births. The rate at the time was suggested of 1.2 births per family being the average. So the British birthrate declined dramatically. I and many others I know only had ONE child within our age group and usually families kept to no more than two. You can imagine my anger when the government here told us that we now have a rising old population and that we NEED immigrants to fill the gap. Well we would not have had the need for immigrants if this load of disinformation hadn’t been allowed into the media and we might still have our own home grown nationals. I have written to various newspapers about this and my letters have never been printed – I wonder why? Now I look very closely at what is being churned out and try to verify all information I receive via my own research. Needless to say, it is patently obvious that an agenda has been followed for many decades now and is continuing down the same path. Sadly, a lot of people have not woken up to what is going down and there lies the problem to resolving the injustices which pile up via governments each and every day. We no longer have a voice. Governments know our true feelings but they are ignored because they believe there is little or nothing we can do about it and that is, for the most part, true. Is there to be no justice around the corner?

      • adeUK says:

        The Govt is probably lying. I suspect that for each new PERSON arriving the Govt opens a credit account in their NAME and uses that to borrow money from the banksters via the bond markets.

  7. evelyn says:

    I am hitting barriers of ignorance and hindrance in my small attempt to prevent Asda/Walmart from liberally spraying their car parks and walkways with glyphosate. I don’t want it on me, you don’t want it on your baby in it’s pushchair….Do you? if someone can tell me for sure this chemical is harmless and superior to a human being wielding a hoe to the (weeds) flowers, please let me know. (I am in uk)

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  9. Phil says:

    The link that I posted above is a page that I created on The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment and Abundance. It’s a document that may be copied and personalized which is a legal personal declaration of your Sovereign status. It was written by one of our members from the UK. In my opinion, it is humanity’s official declaration of independance. Read this document thoughtfully with an open mind. Its tennants are irrefutable by any corporation-state. It completely dismantles the Society of Laws’ power over us. No point in this document may be refuted by any means. Quite simply, it is Masterpiece in its authentic power to over come any possible objection by those whom you choose to send it to!

    My request to all that read this is to share this with everyone that you know! The choice is yours.

    Love & Light to all!

  10. hybridrogue1 says:

    I see them running ’round
    jumping up and falling down
    look a little closer you’ll see

    terminal chao\\ll//

  11. Rob says:

    Sheeple react…unfortunately. Population reduction scaremongering in place in the seventies designed to make us middle classers i.e. honest humans (the class the gov fears the most…) – people that work for banks cannot be included here sorry… not have children….please then immediately look at how the uk government then gave {under the guise of “we care”} every immigrant anything they wanted…the big one being healthcare and the other big one? – child benefit….(what does an abundance of child benefit do? – yup creates more babies from immigrants and also from uneducated {by design} vickie pollard types) In turn it creates more division (divide and conquer), more rascism (= more crime and government control {yup the race card}), higher inflation (less worth),lower paid jobs (poverty), higher taxation {another “rob the people” subject entirely} the list is endless…

    2 million pounds to paint a 700 yard buslane in london, dont make me laugh please…

    These heinous entities in government have systematically reduced the middle class and old populations in the UK to make way for immigrants by design…why? because it is better for the long pockets of the corporations that will rule one class only – the slave.

    Answer= more power/money for those Royal (Hannover) scumbags..

    Duped or what….now they are doing the same to the United States (us gov healthcare bill anyone?) pfffttt………..you can read it a mile off. Open borders anyone? Your currency for our fiat currency anyone?

    Its time these people were found and dealt with.. because the glossed over bs doesnt wash with us anymore. Incrementalism has failed because it is rapidly gaining speed ,and with it, alot of attention…i.e. the destruction of basic human rights…

    why? – The game is up…and they know it..the war on terror, the war on climate change..(2 clear examples of “them” fearing us…).

    As the man says (and even the guy in the street) “human race, get off your knees”

    Got my i.p.? come over some time….2 things – i have a great lawyer and i dont have four legs…understand? – good stuff..
    Apologies, my grammer is terrible, I’m aware of it. I just had to get my point across.
    Thanks and

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  13. dusty says:

    Get a grip ,never ever fight a man on his own turf by his rules you will lose every time

  14. Oef says:

    You’re naive to think this all will not end in bloodshed. In fact, it will be the greatest War the Earth has ever seen.

  15. James (TD) says:

    “. . . within the law and moral code!”

    Oops! Right out of the gate there shows to the knowing the positive non-starter.

    Though a nice and doubtless well-meant try, in the original – being that exercise which spawned the glorious rallying cry to freedom “the Spirit of ’76” – there clearly WAS to be much that necessarily went against the established law. In-short and truth it was TREASON that was to be done against our then Sovereign Lord, H.M. King George III, and so it was. (And for us for the effort, with a far better than worse outcome.)

    As well as being not “within the law” of back then, the plan for our separation from the tyranny of the King’s Parliament and His swarming, collecting agents in red, it was considered also a thing going against the very Will of God, as the King was then presumed His representative of that kind on earth. (And this particular problem, thanks be to God, we no longer endure.)

    No, it is a fact that “the law” (such that it is, IF we insist upon styling it thusly for mere comfort’s sake?) is a slithery creature of vilest “Necessity.” A not-tethered beast OWNED by it’s operators, it’s creators it’s judgers and enforcers who definitely ARE NOT OF US, though we are told otherwise and mostly do believe it. (Best not.)

    And again, “no”; the ever-increasing desirability of separations of us from our present, ever-metastasizing, home tyranny (whether absolute or not quite that yet) will be as ugly and nasty and bloody a thing as it was classically, way back in olde ’76 (and doubtless-so, far worse even) BUT as is asked most aptly “what price freedom”, eh?

    It is so that We the People do OWN our Declaration of Independence but sadly, after 1861 and all that Lincoln was allowed to do that bruised to to it’s death the law, the Constitution was OURS NO LONGER nor ever will it be again. It has become but a show to entertain the those of us who desire always, the easier ways out from impossible snarls, which would and could never work.

    Truly, all the foregoing ARE bitterest pills of fact but, ones better taken rather sooner than later.

    James – The Declarationist

    PS In considering such matters as these most weighty, the days of comfort for leisurely so-doing now draw quickly to their close.

  16. Take back your power! LOL! It’s ‘Hancock’ moment all over AGAIN.

    Study the selfsip website and try to implement Allodial Titles and abolish Eminent Domain too

    Here try these 2 links too, with the first needing immediate attention as those cell towers are probably listening in right now. Spread the word and try to implement those laws!

    Various Case Studies and Updates on Neurotechnology Criminals (Jan 2011) Original Articles

    Cautionary to Western Men About Black Magic (if you don’t believe then think HYGIENE) / A Spiritual Theory (Feb 2011)

  17. Alf de Hombre says:

    Thank you for your great work.


  18. chad says:

    none of you get it. Ted Kaczynski was correct. the NWO is technology, the Matrix. everybody is sacrificing their lives to the machine, which is an independent self-repairing endlessly growing and dominating organism. the tech Matrix feeds off human energy & dignity, in exchange for providing all of you a life in a “dream world”, where you have none of the authentic, autonomous & natural human challenges that develop your spirit as nature intended. you are imprisoned within your own dream, and you don’t realize it. and you won’t turn back, because technology is the only reason you can stay alive now. the technology system you created is now the system you depend upon for your very life now – either serve it, kill it (at the expense of billions of people) or die. you don’t have any other options.

  19. chad says:

    none of you get it. Ted Kaczynski was correct. the NWO is technology, the Matrix. everybody is sacrificing their lives to the machine, which is an independent self-repairing endlessly growing and dominating autonomous organism. tech increased population beyond natural provisions, and now you can’t live without it. the tech Matrix feeds off human energy & dignity, in exchange for providing all of you a life in a “dream world”, where you have none of the authentic, autonomous & natural human challenges and experiences that develop your spirit as nature intended. you are imprisoned within your own dream, and you don’t realize it. and you won’t turn back, because technology is the only reason you can stay alive now. the technology system you created is now the system you depend upon for your very life – either serve it, kill it (at the expense of billions of people) or die. you don’t have any other options.

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